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Vienna Circle - Silhouette Moon

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Image of Vienna Circle - Silhouette Moon

'Silhouette Moon' is a concept album which explores mortality and existentialism; reality and dream. Designed as a full album experience, it aims to live up to the values of the vinyl era and keep you engaged through to its dramatic finale.

Deluxe edition in gatefold artwork designed by Vienna Circle

Disc 1: CD (Running time: 50 min approx.)

01. Strangers
02. Envy
03. Dreams Presage
04. Scarlet Dance
05. Woven Wings
06. Ballad of Night
07. Sea
08. Eternity
09. Together
10. Departure

Disc 2: DVD (Running time: 70 min approx.) Includes a feature length "Making of Silhouette Moon", bonus material and the original album trailer.